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                Hello, welcome to guangzhou thick huan chemical fertilizer co. LTD

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                R&d, production, sales services integration company

                Free sampling: dispersant, foaming agent, multifunctional surfactant variety!

                keywords: dispersantdefoamerCoating additivesRare earth dispersantdispersant of alumina
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                Years of r&d and production experience

                Years of development and production experience, customized special dispersant

                Heavy huan chemistry, a professional research and development manufacturer of dispersants, years of r&d experience and product upgrades, free experimental tests and samples. The special dispersant can be customized according to customer's sample. Provide professional dispersant solution for you!

                Have a strong production capacity

                Scientific and technological innovation, with strong production capacity

                With strong chemical strength and complete testing means, it has advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and the annual output of dispersant and other water-based auxiliaries is over 10,000 tons. The customer resource is very strong, always the recognition and support for our products!

                Low cost, high cost performance

                Low cost and high price ratio

                The company has its own r&d production base, high quality raw material supplier, professional product r&d team, and efficient manufacturing process. For customers to provide more economical and suitable dispersant products, instant dispersion!

                Improve the after-sales service system

                Improve the after-sales service system

                Thick huan chemical dispersant has perfect after-sales service system! Special orders tracking, domestic jurisdictions can place orders. According to customer's requirement, 24 hours delivery and problem solving, fast delivery, low cost, high age!

                Thick huan chemistry provides free sample testing for new and old customers

                Free sampling: dispersant, foaming agent, multifunctional surfactant variety!



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